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Online Puppy Classes and Obedience for Adult Dogs (basic and intermediate) now available!
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Gosia and Gonzo

Training with me is simple and enjoyable both for you and your dog. I use reward based methods, which are kind, effective and supported by animal learning theory and research.

My approach can be described as "dog-oriented teaching" as I emphasize the fact that not only dogs need to learn how to live in our society but also we should understand and respect their needs.

One-to-one training:

The sessions are held in your house and garden, and your local area (if needed to go for a walk on the lead around the neighbourhood, off lead walk into your local park or to your local café or pub).

We can meet regularly or have just one private session if that’s what is required.

  • Choosing a dog – before you get a dog visit, consultation during which I will help you choose the right dog for your family, from choosing the breed and breeder/rescue centre to choosing and picking up the actual dog
  • Preparing for the arrival of the new dog – I will come and help you prepare for the arrival of the new family member and set you up for the success to make sure you will start your journey together well
  • New Dog Visits – for new dog owners, to help the dog settle down in the new home and make sure you get things right straight from the start; I will also consult you on all the issues you may already be having with your new friend, whether it is pulling on the lead, jumping up on visitors, not getting along with your current pet or separation anxiety
  • dog Obedience training for puppies (all levels, from basic to advanced)
  • Basic obedience training for dogs over 6 months of age who missed their puppy education (sit, down, stay, walking on a loose lead, recall)
  • Intermediate obedience for dogs who already know the basics (heel, stand stay, leave, back, sending away, emergency stop and stay, commands on the distance etc)
  • Advanced obedience for dogs of all ages (ideal for people who want to improve and perfect their dog’s performance in any given situation and teach them even more complicated tasks)
  • Tailored training: if you and your dog are experiencing problems in a certain area of training, please get in touch and we will prepare an appropriate training program for you (most common problems are: poor recall, pulling on a leash, jumping up at people etc.).
  • Behaviour consultations

Report available upon request at additional cost.

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Group training:

The classes are held indoors on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday evenings. We are based in Pilton, Edinburgh (EH5).

  • The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bronze Level

    It is an 8 weeks course for dog of minimum 7 months of age (no upper limit) who already have had some obedience training and know the basic cues. The course ends with the Assessment by The Kennel Club judge and The Good Citizen Certificate for all the dogs who have passed the test and met the necessary requirements. The main focus of this course is impulse control, polite behaviour around other dogs and people, good manners, loose lead walking amongst distractions and clear communication between dogs and their humans. The maximum number of dogs in the class = 6

    2 dogs and hand
  • The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Silver Level

    This an advanced class for dogs who have already gained The Good Citizen Bronze Certificate. Some exercises are practiced outdoors (like lead walking on the street) and the things we do indoors are slightly more difficult. With exercises like polite greeting and examination by a stranger there is much more social pressure placed upon the dog, so we practice it regularly, but gently. Apart from the exercises required by The Kennel Club for the Silver Award, we teach new exercises too, introducing emergency stay and heelwork on lead. Because this course is much more challenging and the difficulty level of the exercises is much higher than for the Bronze certificate there is no strict time limit, the course is ongoing and the assessment organised when the participants feel ready to take part. The maximum number of dogs in the group = 6

  • The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Gold Level

    This is the highest award a pet dog can be granted by The Kennel Club. Same as with the Silver course there is no set time frame, the participates can take their time mastering all the necessary skills and request the date of the assessment when they feel prepared. All dogs have to be minimum 12 months old and have their Bronze and Silver certificates to attend this course. On this level we work on off lead heeling, recall to heel, out of sight stays, emergency stop, mat training and other exercises required by the scheme. We also pile up on distractions during training, work on proofing and teach the dogs to perform under a little bit of pressure. The IMDT Partnership Grades are also available for those who want to get more certificates for their dogs :) The maximum number of dogs in group = 6

As a trainer I am abided by The Guild of Dog Trainers Values and the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and The Institute of Modern Dog Training code of ethics.

You can check the prices of private sessions and group training here.


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Outdoor obedience classes - it is never too late

Summertime gives us great opportunity to spend some extra quality time with our four-legged family members. During this course (3 meetings) we will combine creative learning with fun and games. We’ll actively spend time in a beautiful park, practicing loose lead walking whilst exploring the area and recall whilst running around the fields and walking in the woods. All that combined with a lot of fun games and some nosework.

The classes are long (90 mins), so there will also be plenty of time for relaxation and lemonade.

You will learn about basic techniques on building good relationship with your dog. We’ll share our experiences, train and talk about dogs.

Each class focuses on one topic:

  • Loose lead walking
  • Recall
  • Fun and games during walks

WHO IS IT FOR? Everyone and anyone, young handlers are welcome too! Dogs of all shapes and sizes.


£80 for the entire course
£30 for one class


For more information and dates of upcoming courses please refer to the News section of the website.

For more information please contact us.




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